Thursday, November 13, 2014

Davids Tea House A. Venue Mall

Looking for a restaurant that serves a delightful Chinese food? Here at David's Tea House you can enjoy a lot of well-prepared, yummy dishes that is very affordable for couples or even for a group dinner.   

David’s Tea House serves Authentic Hongkong-Chinese food like dim sum, congee and noodles etc., but carefully enhanced to suit local tastes.  

Yang Chow
Yang Chow Php 205

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

No Membership: S&R New York Pizza Cubao

S&R Membership Shopping is a famous wholesale/retail supermarket that offers imported products like food and non food items, appliances, electronics, and even a food service that makes every shopper tempted to eat there. Why? Who doesn't want a delicious large slice of pizza plus a large sized drink for only a hundred plus pesos? of course everyone wants an affordable tasteful meal but for you to taste it, you have to be a member of S&R Shopping which will cost you Php 700 for membership and Php 400 for the extension. 

As an inconsistent shopper of this famous membership shopping establishment, I became very happy when I discovered that their food service is available in Puregold Cubao! (Yes you are reading it right, S&R New York Pizza has a branch in Puregold Cubao) 
Knowing this made me excited because they will not ask you for a membership card and that means you can tag along a lot of your friends; though if you are a member you will have a 5 percent since the price is cheaper inside the S&R Membership Shopping. 

 So these are the foods that I usually order when I have a time to visit there:

S&R Cheeseburger
S&R Cheeseburger Php 129