Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rodillas Yema Cake

My bestfriend went to Quezon last Saturday so I texted her to buy me a RODILLAS YEMA CAKE.
I was very curious of its taste because some of my facebook friends posted pictures of it. Luckily she replied yes and told me that the price is P180 for a small box which is cheaper than buying into food stalls in the mall. I think the mall SRP for this small box is P250, well maybe because of their efforts, travel or gas expense in buying this cake makes the mall price higher. So it is still reasonable for 250 pesos. 

This the famous Rodillas Yema Cake of Monica & Jett Bakeshop

The icing was sweet but the cheese moderates the sweetness of it. The bread was very soft and its taste reminds me of eating a chiffon cake slice or butter cake slice of Goldilocks. My niece and nephew likes it, so if your children are fond of sweets and cakes, you better try this one and I'm sure they will love it specially the bread.
Though I am not that impress of the taste I still wanna try their mocha caramel cake.

Sorry guys don't have a contact number where to buy this but yema cake was made by Monica and Jett Bakeshop in Tayabas Quezon.
I hope this page link could help you: https://www.facebook.com/originalyemacake

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