Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Discovering Hiyas - Modern Filipino Comfort Food

If you think Filipino dishes cooked at home and restaurants taste the same that's why you prefer to eat at a restaurant that offers foreign cuisines rather than Filipino cuisine well visiting Hiyas Kapitolyo might change your mind.
Last October 17, 2014, I was invited again for another foodie meet up by Zomato, my previous foodie meet up with them were actually at a 2 Japanese restaurants owned by Sumo Sam Group that is why I got excited when I found out that I was invited for a Filipino restaurant called Hiyas.

Hiyas is just a newly opened restaurant along united st. Kapitolyo owned by a 24 year old guy Mr. Francis Maneja and his partner Chef Emir Bernabe, the two were actually classmates since grade school but they just became close when they got older and eventually they became business partners. 
Mr. Maneja started from a tapsilugan and gotohan called FOMS goto tapa pares in East Drive Kapitolyo and FOMS sizzling & grill in San Rafael. (I'll visit it soon)   

Fishballs were given to us while waiting for the food

The Appetizers:

Boneless Adidas
Boneless Adidas Php 215
This is the favorite food of Mr. Maneja, since it's boneless it looks like a sisig but you will know it's an adobong chicken feet when you taste it. This is only an appetizer but it will already make you crave for rice. 

Pigar Pigar
Pigar Pigar Php 185
When it was served I actually did not recognize it was a Pigar Pigar. Pigar Pigar is a known street food in Pangasinan but the version there is deep fried and it tastes like a beef steak but the Pigar Pigar that was served to us in Hiyas is kinda sweet and the meat was boiled. It is very addicting though I love this version as I love the original recipe.   
Main Course:

Ensaladang Talong
En-salad-a Php255 
Not a fan of ensalada, but this one makes me want to eat the whole serving. It has lettuce, tomatoes, salted eggs, onions.
Suahe Sisig sa Aligue
Suahe Sisig sa Aligue Php 295
Chopped Shrimp + Crab Fat on a Sizzling Plate
Busog na Busog na Pusit
Busog na Busog na Pusit Php 255
The pusit is stuffed with onions, cheese, tomatoes and vigan longganisa! What I like about this is it doesn't taste and smell fishy.
Salmon Sisig
Salmon Sisig
Salmon Sisig Php 255
 My most favorite dish that was served that night. It is really amazing to know and to taste a traditional comfort food like sisig that was cooked usually in pork that it can also taste great with salmon.

Crispy Bicol Express
Crispy Bicol Express Php 345
On the menu the bicol express is made of crunchy pork belly, coconut milk and shrimp paste but according to Chef Emir they served us bicol express that is made of crispy pata. Warning taste may be sweet at first but the chili taste is really strong and you'll suddenly feel the spice of it, you need to prepare a glass that's full of water before tasting it.

Stuffed Talong
Stuffed Talong Php 255
My least favorite since I don't like eating talong that much but still tastes good. The talong has ground pork and I think I tasted a bagoong was mixed with it.

Sinampalukang Lechon Manok
Sinampalukang Lechon Manok Php 485
Haha! The combination is weird but the savory soup and roasted chicken tastes great. It was a kind of dish that you will never imagine to be superb, but it does.

Belly Beef Kare Kare
Beef Belly Kare Kare Php 485
Stewed beef belly and ox tripe in rich peanut sauce and coconut milk. The beef belly and ox tripe were very soft and easy to chew.

Plain Rice 
The Desserts:

Chocnut Turon
Chocnut Turon Php 185
My favorite among desserts, the turon has langka and chocnut inside! It has vanilla ice cream and muscuvado caramel dip. So Yummy!
Pritong Sorbetes
Pritong Sorbetes Php 170
Fried Ice Cream with Ube Caramel tastes good because it's not too sweet


Sago Gulaman
Sago't Gulaman Php 75
Red Iced Tea
Red Iced Tea Php 75 / Php 165
Hiyas House Blend Iced Tea
House Blend Iced Tea Php 75 / Php 165

The Place:


The place interiors were a combination of traditional and modern Filipino that perfectly suits their menu. The place has also light bulbs made of mason jars.

A cute wall painting in the restaurant they said the words were made up from random words they thought about during their inuman session. 

So Here are the owners of Hiyas:

Francis Maneja and Emir Bernabe
Mr. Francis Maneja and Chef Emir Bernabe (from left to right)
They are funny but I find them genius and hardworking when it comes to business because they are really hands on to the kitchen.

Yey! Had an opportunity to take photos with them

With the foodies:

I am glad that I met some of the coolest and friendly bloggers during this meet up

The Zomato Team:
Mr. Karl,  Ms. Dee, Mr. Kevin and Ms. Elaine (from left to right)
I would like to thank the whole Zomato team especially Ms. Elaine taningco for giving me a chance to be part of another unforgettable foodie meet up at Hiyas Kapitolyo, this experience is really fun and memorable.  More Power and Success to Zomato!

Restaurant Details:

Hiyas: Modern Filipino Comfort Food
D-Strip Building, 20 United Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
+63 9175161153

I'd like to give credits to Mr. Don Garcia for some of photos that I used for this review.


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