Thursday, October 23, 2014

My First Professional Blogging Summit Experience #Dpop

As a newbie blogger, I felt happy when Ms. Janette Toral of DigitalFilipino invited me to join the 1st Professional Blogging Summit sponsored by DPop, which is collaboration made by Jeoff Solas and Janette Toral.  The event was organized so that the experienced bloggers can share their insights about managing their online identities, overcoming intrigues and how they offer their products and services. Honestly, this is my first time to attend an event like this and I felt so blessed because I got the chance to learn on how to blog responsibly, how will you expand your networks and also I became aware of the possible intrigues that I may encounter in the future.

So here are the people behind the event:

Janette Toral of Digital Filipino

Janette Toral is the site owner of Digital Filipino, she is also an e-commerce and internet marketing specialist and a trainer for aspiring internet marketers.

Jeoff Solas

Jeoff Solas  of Liberating Jepoy is a professor and Cerified Digital Marketer

The Speakers:

Azrael Coladilla is an event organizer and promoter for pop culture, lifestyle, events, conventions and exhibits.

Ross Del Rosario is the founder of Wazzup Pilipinas which is an online community blog awarded as one of the Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs of 2013 and Most Outstanding Filipino Community Blog of 2013.

Jay-L Aquino  is a social media strategist and a lifestyle blogger, owner of  BLOG-PH

Joseph Cham is a known fashion blogger, he wishes to inspire his readers as he pursues his goals in life independently.

Sai Montes
Sai Montes is a Marketing Executive at Inglot PH, fashion and beauty writer and entrepreneur.

Things I've learned from the professional bloggers:

  • Think before you click
    Yes we tend to get excited, mad and hurt because we are only humans, we have feelings but before we blog and post something online let's always think about the possible consequences if it will destroy another person, business or worst is yourself. Like for me as a food blogger, I learned that if I will have a very bad experience about a certain restaurant it is better if I talk directly to the owner or management and not blog about it because if I don't and will just share it publicly it can affect the business big time. Remember, everybody deserves a second chance.

    The “think before you click” cliché also applies on how a blogger still keeps his/her privacy because as a blogger, you always deal publicly and according to Mr. Azrael Coladilla, you still have to filter the things you post like pictures of your family, don't post things a lot that might affect your image or security.   

  • Don't be a Gatecrasher
  • Gatecrashing is a common intrigue that a blogger can experience; this is of course unacceptable, we should be aware that organizers prepared a budget for the invited bloggers only. Of course, you can't blame them if some will find out and spread gossips about you. Just think that there is always a next time or there are many upcoming events where you can register and join.

  • Write about the event 
  • If you are invited in a certain event, remember to always blog about it. In an event, there is a constant learning experience but you cannot get it without the help of the organizers. So it is your duty to return the favor to write about the event.

  • Learn from other mistakes
  • Take other bloggers mistakes as a lesson for you to be careful and not to repeat those mistakes because you already know the consequences.

  • There is always a detractor 
  • When you get to become in demand, there will be always be a hater around. Bloggers and community blogs rivalry exists. If you think you not have done anything wrong then learn to ignore haters and if that happens to your co-bloggers it is better to be safe, don't get involved and let them handle each other's issues.

  • Don't always think about money or sales, build friendship
  • Mr. Ross del Rosario shared that he sometimes write for free and he made me realized that sometimes a blogger should not always after the money, it is also important to build friendship with your clients, expand your network and who knows what are the positive outcome of it, it could be another learning experience or a referral. 

    Ms. Sai Montes also shared her strategy about social media posting that it is important to establish a good and interactive relationship with your customers online for example in a facebook page, only the small percentage of posts will be on sales and the rest should focus on how you will entertain your followers.  

  • Give Business cards
  • Let others know what you can offer, give them business cards. It is a must to have and bring your business cards always especially during events to expand your network, be visible and get possible clients.

  • Stay down-to-earth, be nice to everyone 
  • Joseph Cham gave some advice about being nice to your followers answer their questions and public relation is important. 

    Jay L Aquino advice us also to never look down on the newbies because every professional blogger also experienced the newbie stage and being a newbie doesn't mean you don't have a value on events because you can also be a lead to their target market.

  • Blog about your passion

  • According to Jeoff Solas, it doesn't matter how many sites or blogs you want to handle as long as you can do it and also it doesn't matter on what is your blog niche or topic as long as you love to write about it and that's what matter. One of the biggest factor of a successful blog is what you write about is your passion.

    I hope that there will be more events like this to come. Thanks Dpop for organizing this event. Hope to join another one soon. 

    Photo Credits: Mr. Don Garcia


  1. You're one step closer to success! Keep it up! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Ms. Janette You're Welcome po. Thanks also to Dpop for choosing me as one of the winners. See you on Nov. 29! :)