Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fridate at Mad Mark's Creamery and Good Eats

So I crave for a steak and then I remember that my friend told me about Mad Mark's. He said that this restaurant offers an appetizing steaks for a very affordable price that's why my boyfriend and I decided to have dinner at Glorietta 5 branch together with my best friend. 
Upon seeing the restaurant I learned that the queuing is really a box office so we make a reservation first and guess what?! We were on the 21st spot wait listed customers at 8 o clock in the evening. I was really surprised that people were really patient to wait just to eat there that's why I became more curious and more encouraged to taste the foods there.
So like others we waited patiently, well you don't have to stay there and wait because they will get your name and digits to personally call you, so you can still stroll in the mall.  
After one and a half hour of waiting we were able to dine in!  Well I don't recommend this place for people who are really hungry because you will get impatient of the queuing but it's a good idea to make reservation first before strolling in the mall so when you finish buying your things or doing your business there you can just dine there or you'll just have to wait a little.  

So this is our orders, we requested for a three extra plates so we can share our foods.

Johnie Double Black Ribs
Johnnie Double Black Ribs PHP 265

For this order we were asked to choose 2 side dishes so we chose smashed potato then corn and carrots.They have a very generous servings of corn and carrots though as you can see on the picture, it has less carrots and it tastes like a typical corn and carrots that you can find in other restaurants.
I like how the smashed potato goes well with its gravy and I can say that this is my most favorite side dish so far.  The barbecue sauce coated on the ribs was not too sweet and a bit bitter maybe because of the wine or the liquor that was mixed on the recipe. I like its taste but as I expected the bones has dominant volume than its meat.

Signature Steak PHP 495
We ordered the bigger serving of their signature steak for us to share then upon ordering it you will be ask if you want it well done or rare. For the bigger order they will ask you to choose 3 side dishes, so we get the bacon potato and 2 plain rice.  I can say that this was my favorite among my orders it tastes good even if you eat it without gravy though I prefer to eat it with gravy. It's kinda sweet like a BBQ Liempo while the gravy tastes like  sweet creamy mushroom sauce.
What I didn't like is the bacon potato salad, It's a bit sour though I find it dull because it's lacking other spice or flavor. 
Cheese Steak Tips Frites
Cheese Steak Tips Frites PHP 145

It is a fries with cheese and bits of steak. I find it ordinary, there is nothing special about the flavor I am not sure about what kind of cheese is used with it but it's kinda sour and not salty.
Rootbeer IBC
IBC Rootbeer PHP 100

 It smells like sarsi and it's not too sweet like other rootbeer, it's not bubbly but I like it because it doesn't hurt your throat.
Home Brewed Tea
Home Brewed Iced Tea Pitcher PHP 160

My favorite drink! (I'm still craving for it) It tastes like wendy's iced tea but it has bitter taste, my boyfriend told me it tastes like oregano tea (I don't have idea what its taste) but I like it so much. I think I consumed 3/4 of the pitcher. (hahaha) 

Well the price were really affordable for the type of food they serve. I recommend this to groupies who is fond of food tripping.

Ambiance: The place is good for a small barkada food trip-chitchat meeting.The place is narrow for their customers that's why we prefer to eat on the table outside the restaurant.

Staffs: Well thumbs up for the staff who is in charge of the reservation because he keeps a smiley face though he is pressured by the customers who were waiting.

Will I get back to Mad Mark's? No, their service was good but what I don't like is the long queuing of the customers and also the taste of their foods is not what I expected based on what my friend told me. Maybe I'll still visit if someone will ask me to eat there because I still want to try their ice cream which is their specialty. I wasn't able to taste it because I just recovered from my cough.  

Mad Mark's Branches:

Second Floor, Glorietta 5, Ayala Center,
 Glorietta Complex, Makati City

 23 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City

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